Tomato Risotto – My Way

I’m calling this Tomato Risotto – My Way because, mind you, this isn’t the traditional, authentic recipe. This is a recipe with my hacks and jugaad! But even though this doesn’t follow the original risotto recipe, I promise you it is equally delicious. Firstly, the original recipe calls for Arborio rice. I have used Indrayani rice which is more easily available and, frankly, is more aromatic and flavoursome. I used rice from the brand Farmside which is available on Amazon. I can vouch for it’s superior quality. At the same time it retains a slight bite to it just like needed. Secondly, the authentic recipe uses vegetable stock. Since I didn’t have any veg stock in hand, I did a jugaad and mixed two cubes of maggi veg tastemaker in water and used that instead! Thirdly, since I didn’t have any readymade tomato puree, I used tomato ketchup. And lastly, because hum toh desi hai and need a lil spice in everything… I added the original Naagin Sauce in it to increase the hotness quotient! So now you can imagine how yummy the risotto must’ve turned out. Read on to get the exact recipe.


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