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I believe that food should look as good as it tastes, and vice-versa. Maybe this is because I am an artist and an advertising professional too! But my first brush with good-looking and great-tasting food was with my mom… my Aai… who was an exemplary cook. Many recipes that you will find on this site are hers…. handed over to me through her hand-written recipe book and my memories of her cooking. I am definitely not a trained chef, but a simple, home cook. I like to innovate and create something beautiful out of the ordinary… be it food, words or art. I also believe that food is the way you win over and connect with people instantly. I mean… who would forget a perfectly-served, delicious-looking, lip-smacking meal, lovingly prepared…so easily?! But it does not necessarily mean spending hours and hours in front of the hot stove. I cook food which is more often than not, simple, fast and easy.

Time is of essence, as I need to balance my work, family and still have enough energy left over to pursue what I love doing. So, what you will also find here are my writings, doodles, interesting photographs taken while travelling, or just randomly….and a whole lot of super-cute doggie pictures and stories to go with them!

I live with my husband, son and my beautiful golden retriever, Leo in Mumbai. Call me a gypsy or a hippie at heart…I claim to be passionate about life, love, art, food. All things beautiful.

Hope you enjoy going through my site. I will be continuously adding to it every day, so keep visiting! And do drop me a line about any comments or suggestions that you have, I would love to hear from you!



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