Why Is Legalzoom Charging Me

Why Is Legalzoom Charging Me

Hi Dinesh, our goal is to make every customer happy with our products and services. During the review of your order, we confirmed that your package includes a business law plan trial where you can consult with a lawyer and get specific advice about your courses. According to the report, the service was not renewed after the trail and was cancelled without use. Therefore, you were not charged for the legal plan. The trademark application was filed upon full instruction. We sincerely apologize for not being able to respond to the official act on your behalf, but the examining attorney assigned to you by the USPTO should be able to assist you in making the necessary changes to obtain approval for your trademark. As a courtesy and effort to help, we will refund LegalZoom`s processing fee. Feel free to contact a manager at any time via help@legalzoom.com if we can help you with anything else. Hi Kim, It is very important for us to correct the situation when a client feels that there is a misunderstanding or error in the service and/or product at LegalZoom.

Please refer to the LegalZoom agent service when offered online as an optional service for all business units. We offer the option to choose LegalZoom as your representative or the selection of another person and/or company including you, if you wish. We inform all customers about service fees in 3 sections of our website, including the pricing page, questionnaire and detailed breakdown of fees provided prior to payment. Each of these sections describes that the agent service will not be charged until the business entity is confirmed as legally filed with the state. This is because the service does not start until the company is founded and we do not want to charge our customers for services that have not yet started. Also, the installment payment option is designed to help customers who need it, but there is always an option to pay for all processing and enrollment payments in one lump sum. We apologize very much for any confusion and will be happy to help you cancel the agent`s service. Do not hesitate to contact us via help@legalzoom.com. Thank you for your reply.

I also clicked on the link you provided and read it. That means I just have to pay the fee to form an LLC (which someone commented on is free in California until next year – Zenbusiness charges $49 for a starter plan) AND pay for the operating agreement, which is $100 on ZenBusiness. I also Googled how many operating agreements are, he says they range from $100 to $1,000. That`s exactly what happened to me. Legalzoom accused me again without informing me. I used to call and cancel services. Now I realize that they have overwhelmed me every year. This year, they charged $399. It really does look like fraudulent behavior. Welcome to the Terms of Use of LegalZoom.com, Inc.

(“LegalZoom”), Registered Representatives, Resident Agents, Litigation Agents, and Statutory Agent Services (collectively, the “Registered Agent Service(s)” or “RA Service(s), as applicable to your service status”). AR services can be sold as a standalone product or bundled with other LegalZoom plans. These terms were previously referred to as the “Corporate Center Additional Terms of Use” and may be referred to on the www.legalzoom.com website by that name. Hello Kenn. We are truly disappointed to know that we have not met your expectations, and we want another opportunity to get it right. Please contact the manager directly via help@legalzoom.com. We will do everything in our power to resolve issues quickly. Laughing out loud. I`m on the phone right now and I`m facing the same problem. I sneaked into the registered agent service when I started the LLC and billed for years an idle company before realizing what they were doing. Try to get them to withdraw as a registered agent by filling out Form RA100. So far, I have been denigrated, hung up, and told that I must “dissolve” the LLC to remove it as a registered agent, even though I live in the state and can do it myself.

LIES and BS. I have sent five emails and called twice and they still refuse to cancel the service. The form can be submitted free of charge to the SOS. Angry and sick to waste my time. They also botched my trademark application after I paid for a big one. I will never use them again. DON`T TRUST THEM. For several years, I have received repeated fees for the services of registered agents. When I contacted legalzoom, they told me that I had to apply for a change of status with my state.

I made the proper paperwork with my state, which rejected the change because the address to have for the legal zoom is not the one on file with the state. They refuse to reimburse the fee, which was $159 a year and has now suddenly increased to $499. I cancelled and changed the credit card numbers at my bank and they still manage to charge my credit cards. How is it legal? DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH LEGALZOOM YUP I also take care of this BS. Moreover, when it comes to registered agents, they are absolutely terrible in their work. Sent me a copy of a letter in the mail 3 months late. I had to pay a $150 fee. They also charged me $400 a year.

2 years and $800. They are now trying to charge me $160 to change it. I don`t need them to change it, and it has already changed. I just need them to stop trying to charge me for services I didn`t ask for. They got me for $800 legalzoom. I suggest you stop deceiving me. Class action lawsuit in your future. It is very important for us to try to improve the situation if there has been a misunderstanding or dissatisfaction with our service. We constantly strive to ensure the satisfaction of each customer and we are ready to review any concern to resolve it.

Do not hesitate to contact the Social Media Manager directly via help@legalzoom.com. The EDFs should certainly look into this. I also charged for registered agent services. We contacted legalzoom My accountant told them we didn`t need a registered agent in my state.

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