Suran Groundnut Curry

Suran Groundnut Curry

Suran, or Elephant Yam is a humble root vegetable often overlooked because of it’s uninteresting appearance. But do you know how good this yam actually is for your body?! In fact, it can be called a magical vegetable for all the benefits it offers. It has healing properties,, is anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, is good for hair growth, is a cancer deterrent, has anti-aging qualities, is great for diabetics, arthritis and asthma patients! The list is long. And when you add soaked groundnuts to this, the list increases even more…. As the groundnuts regulate blood circulation and protect your heart. They also help tone your muscles and help fight acidity, along with providing relief from back and joint pain. So my dear peeps, do try this super curry and include it in your diet often.

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