Potato Wedges (McCain Style)

Potato Wedges are a favourite with kids as well as adults as a snack, appetizer or starter. Great for children’s birthday parties, kitty parties or as a starter before your main meal, these are a welcome change from the regular French Fries. Why buy McCain or McDonald’s Wedges when you can make better ones at home? The frozen, pre-packaged, expensive ones are not just unhealthy as they are loaded with preservatives, but they also form a big hole in your pocket! These Potato Wedges are soooooo easy to make that you won’t ever like to buy the ready made ones after you try this recipe for yourself. And yes… it IS perfectly OK to eat deep-fried stuff once in a while… as long as you work it off later! As they say, you only live once. So eat whatever you want and work out for a healthy life!

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