Namkeen Mathri/ Savoury Crackers

Diwali came and went. We celebrated with not the same fervor as every year, but celebrate we did! Sweets and savories we made and devoured. Parties were planned and executed. Leaving us with some sweet memories. Well… not just sweet, savoury too!

Like every year, I experimented with a dish and came up with a winner! A short story as to how I came about making these Namkeen Mathris. The hubby went to Punjab Sweet House one day and came back with a bagful of Mathri saying this is their speciality. I tried them and found them to be a bit bland and my mouth was left with an aftertaste of ghee…and the price they came at wasn’t cheap either! So I thought, I can surely make these better! There! That was the motivation for this recipe.

Not hard to make, can be made and stored for tea-time munchies… Stay good for 15-20 days.. Though mine got over before Diwali was over! Give this fail-proof recipe a try and let me know the outcome!

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