Pani Puri / Golgappas /Puchkas / Pani ke Batase

Loved  by everyone universally, this burst of various tastes in a bite is sooo addictive… that you simply cannot stop at just one single puri! Personally, I’m a pani-puri addict and can never say no to it… whatever the time, place or circumstances!! Known as Pani Puri in Aapli Mumbai, it is also called Golgappe in the North, Puchkas in the East and Pani ke Batase in some places as well. Easy to make and consume, great for any party as a starter, it is literally an explosion of flavours in your mouth. Make it at home and eat to your heart’s content… or should I say till you are ready to burst?! Because that is exactly how much I love it!


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