Khavlyachya Vadya / Tikkis made out of Seasonal Greens

Khavla, as it is called in Marathi, is a seasonal green vegetable found only in the rains. It isn’t a very commonly found veggie too, and can be spotted only in Dadar in Mumbai, and a few Vasaiwalas selling seasonal greens. I hadn’t heard of this particular dish at all and came across it only after my marriage as it is one of hubby’s favourite dishes. Easy to make, with just four ingredients, this snack is predominantly tangy because of the tamarind pulp used in it. The taste grows on you after the first few bites. Some like it and some don’t. But if you are the adventurous sort, do try out this regional and seasonal delicacy, as it it sure to titillate your taste-buds!

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