Healthy and Nutritious Appe

Aaj breakfast mein kya banau… is a common question that most women face every morning. Or what do I give in my child’s tiffin box today which is filling, healthy and looks good too?!

Presenting the Healthy and Nutritious Appe!

All you need is an Appe pan (non-stick pan available commonly at any store) and you can come up with various different permutations and combinations for a variety of Appe. Add in any vegetables or greens of your choice, ground with the pulses of your choice…. and voila! I use the appe pan to make medu vadas and sabudana vadas too, as the non-stick pan requires very little oil, without compromising on the taste.

So go ahead and tickle your brains a bit for your own versions of the humble Appe!

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