Sol Kadhi/Kokum Kadhi

Sol Kadhi/ Kokum Kadhi is a great cooling and appetizing agent. Can be had before or after a meal as it has digestive properties as well. Made especially with non-vegetarian meals which generate a lot of heat in the body, this delicately light pink kadhi provides a welcome relief to the tummy! Easy to make, it can be served as a welcome drink too, before the main meal is served. Made very commonly in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, it uses the Kokum as its main ingredient, which also gives it the beautiful pink colour. Kokum is grown abundantly along the entire coastal belt. This tasty drink finds its place in most seafood restaurants too. The fresher the Kokum, the more pink tinge the kadhi gets. As I used the kokum/ amsool which is wet and blackish in colour (bought from the local grocery shop), it did not give the kadhi a bright pink colour, which you get when you use the fresh fruit.

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