Patricia Jones Beachside Legal

Patricia Jones Beachside Legal

An aggressive and experienced lawyer can help you deal with the legal situation you are facing and help you achieve the most positive outcome for your case. The law firm represents clients in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, Collier, Lee, Orange, Pinellas and all counties in the state of Florida. The firm is a full-service law firm that offers legal services in various areas of law and aims to help you with your legal problems. Patricia J. Jones has been practicing law for 15 years and has extensive experience handling countless criminal cases as well as traffic law matters and driver`s license reinstatement issues. She also has experience in other areas of law such as family law, personal injury, commercial law, contracts, simple wills and progressive health policies, as well as civil rights infringement prosecutions under section 1983 for false/unlawful arrest and excessive force by police officers. She is ready to use her diverse knowledge and experience for you while taking care of your legal affairs. From the moment you contact the firm that needs legal advice or representation, you will find that the firm is committed to personal and compassionate attention. When processing a file, the firm makes a point of keeping the firm`s clients informed of the status of their file and providing advice on what they should or should not do to try to have a positive impact on their file. Attorney Patricia Jones also understands that dealing with legal issues can be extremely stressful and cause a lot of worry and anxiety.

However, she strives to reduce stress, worry and anxiety by providing information and advice to the company`s customers. From the time the firm closes until the matter is closed, the firm is committed to providing representation that furthers the interests of clients to the fullest extent permitted by law. Patricia J. Jones is a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable litigator dedicated to protecting a client`s rights at every stage of litigation. Patricia enjoys working in the Mount Maunganui area with its unique and relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She tries to bring this atmosphere into her legal practice because she believes it is important for clients to feel relaxed while dealing with their legal issues. If you want to hire a lawyer, the decision you make can make all the difference in how your legal case affects your life and future. Choosing a lawyer can have consequences that you will feel for the rest of your life. The company may also be hired to represent a person at an administrative hearing conducted by the Department of Motor Vehicles, known in Florida as the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), regarding their driver`s license or driving privilege. Ms.

Jones has represented many, many people at hearings where the motor vehicle division is trying to suspend or revoke her driver`s licence. Providing legal services for other cases of personal injury, domestic violence, injunctions, family law, commercial law, contracts, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, civil rights violations, legal research, legal writing In recent years, she has specialized in family court work, with a particular focus on disputes relating to children. It firmly believes that everyone needs equitable access to justice and therefore remains available for mutual legal assistance. Patricia is a qualified mediator and is appointed by the court as an advocate for children and advocate for vulnerable older adults and people with developmental disabilities. • Wills, health policy, powers of attorney in support of driver`s license matters and reinstatement of driver`s license and representation in the Motor Vehicle Hearings Department Patricia has extensive experience in real estate litigation and seeks to help clients resolve their disputes in a pragmatic, relaxed and cost-effective manner. Aggressive representation of attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Key West, Islamorada, Key Largo & All the Florida Keys, West Palm Beach, Naples, Fort Myers, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and throughout Florida Attorney Patricia Jones can be hired to help people resolve driver`s license issues such as a suspended or revoked driver`s license or driver`s license. Their goal is to help you get your driver`s license back and get back on the road. She can advise you on what the law and the Department of Motor Vehicles require, and may be able to help you with any problems you may encounter while trying to get your driver`s license back. Ms. Jones has extensive experience helping clients recover their driver`s licence or driver`s licence for suspensions and revocations resulting from various reasons, such as point suspension, non-payment of child support, repeat traffic offences, impaired driving, non-payment of traffic fines, judgments, lack of insurance, failure to appear on a court date, and issuance of an arrest warrant or drug charges.

Patricia has been practicing in the Mount Maunganui/Tauranga area since 1987. She has taken on all aspects of judicial work, including her work as an advocate for vulnerable youth.

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