Notaries (Third Amendment) Rules 2019

Notaries (Third Amendment) Rules 2019

[F. No. N-15011/56/2019-DLA(N)] S. R. MISHRA, Addl. Secy. 2. In the Notarial Regulations, 1956 (hereinafter referred to as “these Rules”), paragraph 1 of Rule 4 is replaced by the following:— G.S.R. 821(E).—In exercising the powers conferred by section 15 of the Notaries Act 1952 (53 of 1952), the Central Government hereby makes the following provisions for a further amendment to the Notarial Code: 1956, namely: — MINISTRY OF LAW AND JUSTICE (Department of Legal Affairs) NOTIFICATION New Delhi, 5 November 2019 3. That the number of notaries operating in the immediate vicinity is not sufficient to meet their needs (Declaration to be added with the reasons for the request for more notaries). (3) In Rule 4, paragraphs 2A and 3 are omitted. 4.

Rule 8B is replaced by the following: The Notaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2019 were passed by G.S.R. 26 E), by the central government in the exercise of the powers conferred by section 15 of the Notaries Act 1952 (53 of 1952) to further amend the Notaries Regulations 1956. Note: The most important rules were published in the Gazette of India, Part II, Section 3, Subsection (i) under S.R.O. 324, dated 14.02.1956 and last amended with notification number G.S.R. 77(E) dated 30 January 2019. 1. (1) These rules may be called the Notaries (Third Amendment) Rules, 2019. 6. Diplomas (please upload self-certified scanned copies).

`14. Submission of observations. — each notary is required, during the first week of January each year, to submit online to the competent government an annual declaration on Form XIV concerning the notarial acts he has drawn up during the previous year. 10. On the application of (applicant`s name in capital letters) 7. Bar Association registration number and date (please download a self-certified copy) NOTE: If you are a vulnerable adult within the meaning of Section 415.102, Florida Statutes, the documents you sign are not valid if observed using audio-video communication technology. If you suspect you are a vulnerable adult, you should have witnesses physically with you before signing. 2. Do you have a physical or mental condition or long-term disability that interferes with your ability to perform normal activities of daily living? (Print, type or stamp name of notary) 1. Are you currently married? If so, name your spouse. 9.

If income tax is tax……………. Please indicate the website or link to which you are applying for the renewal of the notary licence Note: (1) No hard copy or advance copy of the application in Forms I and II will be accepted. The following documents must be submitted at the time of the interview:-…………………….. Signature of applicant 2. That the applicant works as a lawyer……………. (indicate here the name of the locality and the name of the court in which he wishes to practise as a lawyer) Before me by physical presence or online certification on this day of, (year), by (name of the person making the declaration) and signed by (name of the notary) on the instruction of (name of the person making the declaration) by (in writing, oral or ☐ otherwise) and in ☐ the presence of these witnesses:. (v) When selecting as a notary, it is not necessary to submit a certificate of opposition issued by the council of the Bar Association concerned. (iv) Copy of the certificate of registration issued by the bar association concerned (self-certified). 2. They shall enter into force on the day of their publication in the Official Journal. (i) proof of date of birth, copy of Aadhaar card and PAN (self-certified) 1.

the applicant is a person who may be appointed as a notary under the Notaries Act 1952 and clause (a) of Rule 3 of the Notaries Rules 1956; Sworn (or confirmed) and signed in front of me by physical presence or ☐ online notarization, on that day by , (year) , by ☐ (name of the person making the declaration). The above document was confirmed in front of me by an online physical presence or ☐ certification, on that day by , (year), by ☐ (name of person) as (type of authority, e.g. officer, trustee, lawyer) for (name of the party on whose behalf the act was performed). 8. Practice in……………………… Phone/Mobile………. Fax……….. Email………….. If the online notary cannot comply with paragraphs 1.-3.

or if the databases consulted for proof of identity do not contain sufficient information to allow authentication, the online notary cannot perform the certification online. 1. Are you now under the influence of drugs or alcohol that affect your ability to make decisions? Pin………. Aadhaar No…….. N° PAN……………….. Dated……………….. Day of…….. 20………….. On the day of , (year), I certify that the previous or attached document is true, accurate, complete and unaltered (copy of a physical or electronic document submitted to me by the custodian of the document) or a printed matter (made by me from this document). If there is a printed version, I further confirm that at the time of printing, there was no security feature in the electronic file indicating that the record had been altered since execution.

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