New York University Law School Scholarships

New York University Law School Scholarships

Legal education is an important investment. The Faculty of Law offers highly competitive scholarships for full-time LLMs and full funding for four years for JSDs. Many students combine them with the help of other sources to cover the cost of attendance. The Loan Repayment Assistance Plan (LRAP Plus) facilitates debt repayment for eligible graduates who choose to pursue careers in the public service. Most participants can earn up to $100,000 per year and have no monthly payments on their legal loans. NYU School of Law offers outstanding students seeking public service a wide range of full scholarships under the Root Tilde Core program. The program selects 20 students each year based on their commitment to public service, academic excellence, and leadership potential. Like other scholarship programs, Root-Tilden-Kern offers mentorship and networking opportunities. Within the program, there are several named scholarships, each focused on a specific topic. Founded in 1998 by Anthony and Beatrice Welters, the AnBryce Scholarship Program is more than just a financial scholarship, it is a close-knit community dedicated to helping students succeed personally and professionally.

It provides mentorship, networking opportunities and professional support. The Welters, who are actively involved in the lives of AnBryce Scholars during and after law school, understand how difficult the law school experience can be for a first-generation student — Mr. Welters `77 was the first in his family to graduate from university and pursue a college education. NYU Law has long been a leader in awarding scholarships to its students in the public interest. NYU Law`s flagship fellowship, the Root-Tilden-Kern Program, launched more than 50 years ago, provides comprehensive education to 20 scholars selected for their commitment to public service work, academic merit, and leadership potential. Other New York University Public Interest Fellowships in Law include: the Latinx Rights Scholar Program, the Latham & Watkins Prize in Technology and Law, the Furman Public Policy Program, the Moelis Urban Law & Public Affairs Fellowship, the NYU Cyber Fellowship, the Arthur Garfield Hays Civil Liberties Program, and the Derrick Bell Public Service Fellowship. As part of the Root Tilde Core program, there are several special named scholarships that focus on specific topics. Students who receive these scholarships participate in all core root-tilde activities and are selected through the same selection process: With the founding of the Hauser Global Law School program in the 1990s, NYU Law was one of the first in the country to offer full scholarships to LLM students. In the years since, the law school expanded this commitment to include a number of scholarships for which U.S.

and international students can apply. Students with a strong interest in a particular field should apply for our programmatic scholarships. In addition to generous financial support, these programs offer fully integrated academic and professional programs that begin on the first day of class and continue throughout the fellows` legal careers. The priority deadline for all programmatic fellowships is 1. December, and all scholarship applications must be submitted by January 1. It is strongly recommended that you request a full CAS report from the admissions office by December 1 and no later than January 1. The program also offers other nominated scholarships offered by alumni and friends of the Faculty of Law. NYU School of Law offers various full scholarships for incoming students. Dean`s Scholarships are the most common form of scholarship assistance for students. Applicants who fill out their grant information don`t need to do anything else. However, NYU School of Law also offers specialized scholarships with additional requirements, most commonly an essay or explanation.

Below, I`ll cover the full special scholarships you can apply for when you apply to NYU School of Law. The AnBryce Scholarship Program provides comprehensive scholarships and professional development support to prospective NYU law students whose outstanding academic and leadership achievements have been achieved in the face of exceptionally challenging social and economic circumstances. Applicants must be among the first in their immediate family to pursue academic or vocational studies. The Root Tilde core program is the country`s first public service scholarship. The scholarship was established in 1951 and has an impressive history. And scholars are among the most powerful public service lawyers at work today. The program includes full tuition, regardless of financial need, for three years of law school for outstanding students who promise to pursue public service. 1Ls who are passionate about a particular field of study may seek additional opportunities in the form of scholarships and scholarships: Hauser Global Scholar applicants must have law degrees outside the United States.

Current students should consult our list of scholarships for 1Ls and for 2L. Scholarships are awarded uniformly between semesters. Students must be enrolled full-time at the Faculty of Law to receive a scholarship in a given semester.

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