Murthy Law Firm Client Reviews

Murthy Law Firm Client Reviews

“Murthy Law Firm, led by Ms. Sheela Murthy, is one of the leading immigration firms, recognized not only for its outstanding immigration representation, but also for finding unique and innovative solutions to its immigration challenges.” “Everyone needs to research their case. But if you want the best legal advice and course of action, Murthy is the one for you. I have been a Murthy client since 2013 to file my EAD/AP, take over my entire GC file, successfully file a lawsuit against USCIS, and file FOIA to retrieve information from USCIS. While some issues are beyond the control of any lawyer, if you have even a small chance in your case, Murthy will determine the angles that will give you the maximum chance of success. “My experience with Murthy Law Firm is incredible and gives me the impression that the process is simple and at the same time very comprehensive. I am very grateful to the company for proactively taking all the necessary steps without having to correct them later. “I am happy that after 26 years (I came to the United States in January 1992 on a student visa). now have permanent status! . Not only was your company very professional, but it also showed personal empathy, which I think puts your business above others. “I will definitely contact you if I need help or have any questions that may arise – and certainly for my citizenship process!” “Murthy did a good job managing the RFE for my I-140 case. We were able to move on to stage I-485.

“Online case management keeps me informed and the team is proactive, which is very rare in this industry. I am very satisfied with the service. “Murthy Law Firm helped us move forward with our adjustment of status case, which had been dormant with USCIS for over two years. They presented us with the often feared or ignored trial of the writ of mandamus, clearly explained the process and strengthened our confidence in using this option. Our lawyer was extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the complexities of WOM proceedings. He guided us through every step of the way and followed at crucial moments with USCIS/U.S. attorney to expedite the case. For anyone who languishes for their OSA cases with USCIS for extended periods of time, we highly recommend consulting MLF to explore and use the WOM! “I am very pleased with the service Murthy Law Firm has provided me. The lawyer and paralegal are extremely competent and very easily accessible. My paralegal is totally a wonderful woman who has always been kind and helpful. My lawyer was easily accessible and an absolutely wonderful person who always gave the right advice and handled my case with confidence.

All my doubts and questions were answered and dealt with promptly at some point. They know exactly what they`re doing and I`m so glad I came to see Murthy with my case. “I was very satisfied with the services offered. They did a great job with the documentation. They respond quickly to questions or concerns. The lawyer was helpful and gave me advice on my degrees and how it would benefit my green card application. “Overall, they are very professional, detailed in their work and easy to use, which led to success for my case. I recommend their service for any type of situation. “Murthy Law Firm is the best at what they do. I highly recommend their service. “Murthy Law Firm has provided an exceptional quality of service. They responded very quickly to calls and questionnaires. The lawyer was very polite in answering all my questionnaires.

The paralegal organized all necessary documents in an orderly format.

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