C B Kim Law Professional Corporation

C B Kim Law Professional Corporation

My experience with Kim Law Firm has been exceptional! I felt like they really cared about me. And they were so professional! From start to finish, they checked me out and made sure my needs were met. It was not about what they could get. Experts who will handle your case with care and professionalism. Ed and all the staff, paralegals (Tim/Simon/Christine) at the front desk, were very helpful every step of the way. I have never had a car accident and I have always known E. Kim Law offered me superior professional service as a victim of a driver escape. All of their team members made the process so easy for me. They kept me updated every step of the way, answered all my questions and concerns, and worked diligently on them, m. man, I like these guys, they are adequate, professional and fast in the waste I paid. I can honestly say that I put their clients first, I was recently involved in a car accident, I hired Kim Law to handle my case. The best disagree I`ve ever made.

I always inquired and updated about my case, about every update they knew I knew. Everything was handled quickly and professionally. Large law firm. I worked with them twice because of a car accident and both times I was completely satisfied. Very professional. Excellent communication! Thank you Kim Law Firm! Very professional. They are 100% for their client. Keep the entire file informed, quickly and decisively, to bring you the result you deserve. Very impressed and I would definitely use them again and highly recommend him to his friends and family. I was involved in a car accident and underwent emergency surgery that took me to the hospital for a week. I was very overwhelmed by the situation and didn`t know how to deal with legal issues.

Kim Law is full of professional and hardworking Indi. They were very professional and they called me and I didn`t have to call them about the case Edward F. Kim, Esq., the founder of KIM LAW, was recognized by The National Trial Lawyers and Super Lawyers Rising Stars for his achievements in the field of bodily injury. He graduated from Emory University with a B.A. and received his J.D. from Penn State Law School. Lawyer Kim is very proud of his dedication to his clients and his team. He leads a team of experienced personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, who are committed to using best practices to overcome difficult experiences.

KIM LAW is always compassionate, always professional and always ready to overcome your personal wounds so that you can move forward. Learn more about attorney Edward F. Kim here. Kim`s practice of assault ranges from minor injuries to cases of unlawful death. He has directly tracked or overseen the successful completion of millions of judgments and settlements for LLP clients. Lord. Kim has also been asked to help defend several cases of bodily injury, usually with serious injury or death, raised against individuals, companies and public institutions. I had a great experience with this company after a personal accident. Very professional and my case was dealt with quickly.

Special thanks to Whitney, Christine and Tim! You are amazing. I highly recommend this company for. I was involved in a car accident and hired the kim law firm and they took care of EVERYTHING. Very professional and thorough. They got me the bill, which was much more than what the insurance company offered. I would recommend it to anyone. Loooooove this company! Kim did a great job with my case! I felt protected and they worked so well with me. Thank you Kim Law! My daughter was involved in a car accident last year. She was injured, but not seriously. I hired Kim Law, a law firm specializing in personal injury, to represent my daughter. I trusted them completely and had no worries.

They always kept me informed and shut me down. Welcome to KIM LAW. We are committed to providing first-class legal representation. We pride ourselves on providing elite service and delivering excellent results. An accident can happen to anyone. Injuries and the resulting medical bills can turn your life upside down. You are not alone in this stressful time physically, emotionally and financially. Contact us at this frustrating crossroads.

Our personal injury lawyers in Atlanta will ensure that you receive appropriate medical care for your injuries. We will resolve your unpaid medical bills. Most importantly, we maximize the value of your personal injury case and deliver the comparison or judgment you deserve. I had the best experience with Kim Law when I had my accident, I was without a ride, so they put me together with a ride to all my doctor`s appointments. Whenever I called them, I always talked to someone, otherwise, they WOULD ALWAYS call me back, even after the ho office. Very smooth process never a point where I have not always been informed. Highly recommended. Kim Law has been a great experience for me. They were honest and kind. They also take care of you and control you too. I would recommend this lawyer that you will pay and reduce the bills You have been focused and determined throughout the process thank you Kim Law Have A Bless one I will definitely refer you more people, good luck. Thank you for helping our family in case of need, you are now part of our family I love the way Kim and her team treated my friend and I.

Kim believes that the work of a litigator is an art and a profession. Good litigators hone their skills by watching others in the courtroom. Over the years, Kim has worked with a long list of talented litigants. Special thanks to KIM LAW and Katai for their help in my personal injury case. The communication was exceptional. He struggled to give me back as much money as possible. No gadgets. No hassle. These lawyers are the best! I couldn`t believe the 5 star review feed! It seemed impossible. However, this is precisely why I asked them for help in my case.

He didn`t need a fancy radio jingle or empty promises. I just wanted quality care for my injuries, transparent. I`m so glad I chose Kim Law. Professional, intelligent and respectful are three words I would use to describe them. They went above and beyond that for me and most importantly, they brought me MONEY !!! Don`t think about it, call them!! I was involved in a car accident and hired Kim Law to help me with my case. I had a great experience with Kim Law and I was great with the timing regarding the process of my case.

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