Blue J Legal Valuation

Blue J Legal Valuation

For Blue J`s legal team, this is just the beginning. The long-term vision includes expansion into even more areas of law and other legal systems around the world. To this end, the goal of scaling is “to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on demand.” Blue J Legal uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring absolute clarity to the law, anywhere and on demand. Blue J Legal`s first product, Tax Foresight, helps tax professionals make judgments for clients that are faster, more accurate and more predictable than decisions that tax authorities and courts would make in the same situation. Tax foresight addresses a number of legal issues, including income versus capital, residency, employee classification, directors` liability, and the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR). Blue J Legal launched its second product, Employment Foresight, in November 2017. Employment Foresight is AI-enabled software that helps HR professionals, in-house lawyers, and labor lawyers quickly clarify how courts would resolve several difficult labor law issues. Legal issues addressed by the software include proper notification, drug testing for employees, employee classification, management`s exemption from overtime, constructive dismissal, and the reason for dismissal. While the company starts with tax and labor law, the technology is versatile and extends to other areas of law in the United States, Canada, and around the world. For more information, see

“Blue J is creating the future of legal analytics,” said Geoff Beattie, president of Generation Ventures. “Professional consultants are accelerating the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Blue J to improve the speed and accuracy of their advice. This investment will take Blue J to the next level by expanding its products, technology and go-to-market operations in the United States. Meanwhile, Blue J Legal ensures that its products don`t just arm elite law firms. The company has supported many low-income legal services in Toronto with its Employment Foresight product to help pro bono legal teams better serve a wider community of clients. Benjamin Alarie, a professor at the University of Toronto`s Faculty of Law, launched Blue J Legal, an AI-powered legal technology startup in 2015 and is now the subject of educational materials for legal and accounting professionals. Benjamin Alarie is a tax law expert who, a few years ago, embarked on the path of changing the way legal research is conducted. A professor at the University of Toronto`s Faculty of Law, Alarie founded legal technology startup Blue J Legal in 2015 alongside Anthony Niblett and Albert Yoon, a professor at the University of Toronto Law. The company`s software relies on artificial intelligence to provide immediate and comprehensive answers in complex areas of taxation, labor and labor law. Now, Alarie is the subject of an educational documentary.

“Artificial intelligence won`t take your job – professionals who use artificial intelligence will replace professionals who don`t use artificial intelligence,” Alarie said in the trailer for A.I. Taxman, which premieres Sept. 29 at the Isabel Bader Theater. The event is co-hosted by Blue J Legal, filmmakers, UDocs and the University of Toronto`s Future of Law Lab at the Faculty of Law. UDocs – in partnership with Hot Docs, north America`s largest documentary film festival – produces “edutainment media content to promote the rule of law, professional ethics, social justice and corporate social responsibility.” The film is part of UDocs` Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program and is available on the online platform. The aim of the film is to provide legal and accounting professionals with a better understanding of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, including ethics, information security, productivity and efficiency. “The idea behind [Blue J Legal] is to use machine learning to give taxpayers peace of mind that they`re not overpaying their taxes, and to give the tax administration clear limits on where the amount of tax is due,” says Alarie, who was named one of 50 aspiring executives earlier this year who are looking at the way forward. how Canada does business, reinvented by The Globe and Mail. “We believe that the right way to run a tax system is to create very clear and transparent rules – to provide access to justice.

The demonstration will be followed by a keynote address by Marshall Rothstein, Tax Litigation Partner at Osler, retired Supreme Court of Canada Justice, and an expert panel discussion with Bruce Ball, Vice-President, Tax at CPA Canada; Susie Cooke, Partner and National Director of Tax Transformation at KPMG Canada; Heather Evans, Executive Director and CEO of the Tax Foundation of Canada; and Maxime Guénette, Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Public Affairs and Chief Privacy Officer at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The panel will be moderated by Abdi Aidid, a new assistant professor at the University of Toronto`s Faculty of Law who for years served as Blue J.`s vice president of legal research. “This discussion is an opportunity to hear how some of the greatest minds in the tax world think about these massive technological changes,” Aidid said. “If you`re nervous, hopeful, or just curious about AI, this is a discussion you should be part of.” News Avi Brudner COO, Blue J T +1 800 607 6105 Blue J is a Toronto-based software company specializing in machine learning and AI to develop legal technologies for tax professionals. Meanwhile, the blue states, including Maryland, have tried to. It would come into force on July 1, pending a legal challenge from the. “In the 2020s, machine learning applications in law are going to grow in incredible ways. In the North American market, there is a strong appetite for innovative and user-friendly tools that facilitate the analysis of the merits of tax and legal positions. This is a great win for law firm and accounting clients who are actively encouraging their advisors to adopt technology to better meet their needs,” said Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J. “With the continued support and trust of our investors, at Blue J, we continue to serve our clients by expanding our ability to bring absolute clarity to the law. everywhere and on demand. Toronto-based Blue J Legal received $2 million in growth capital funding from CIBC Innovation Banks.

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